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150W solar lighting system ( MK-150SLI)

  • Portable Solar Power System includes Solar cell modules solar inverter solar battery and solar con
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     Portable Solar Power System includes Solar cell modules, solar inverter, solar battery and solar controller. It can be applied to the villa, household, outdoor camping, tourist resorts, prairie areas, remote mountain village, no power suplly areas,  farms, villages, farm, hills, island, highway and any regions to generate electricity. Use very widely. It can charge for Cell phones, notebook computers, lights, digital camera, fans, TV set, electric tools, music CDS, DVDS, electric power, such as voltage in 220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz.
Product Feature:
E solar product does not produce pollutants, without noise, create a green, clean, comfortable living environment.easy to install and operate, without the laying of cables, or destruction of building structures.Small in volume, light in weight and easy to carry.
Main Function:
1. Built in FM radio and MP3 player
2.Digital indication of working model
3.LED indicator of the working condition of charging and discharging
4.LED indicator of electric quantity
5.Overloading protection
6.Short cricuit protection
7.Reverse discharge protection
8.Reverse polarity connection protection
9.Over discharge protection
10.Over charge protection
11.AC and DC two way output
12.Suitable for household lighting, TV, fan, radio, computer and so on.
13.Not suitable for Capacitive load ,as electric motor, refrigerator, air conditioning, Microwave and ovens.
14.It can connect with automobile battery to start automobile.
15.Solar panels and public grid, two ways of charge to battery
Model    MK-150LSI
  Solar panel power   18V 150WP
  Solar charge controller   12V 10A
  Solar inverter   150W Modified sine wave inverter
  Battery capacity   12V 80AH(gel type)
  Output voltage/frequency   100VAC/220VAC/230VAC  50/60Hz
  Inverter conversion efficiency   85%
  Solar panel charging time   5.5 hours(effective sunlight)
  AC output socket   Universal\German\American\English\French\Australian
  Certificate   CE & RoHS
  Dimensions of system box   L455*W225*H505mm
  Net weight of system box   46Kg
  Appearance color   Optional
  Dimensions of solar panel   L1470*W670*H35mm
  Net Weight of solar panel   13Kg





 Solar panel


 LED lamps

 5W  4pcs

 5m Lamp cable


 AC-DC adapter

 12V 5A


Products guarantee as below:
Main machine guarantee time: 2 years limited warranty(lifetime: more 10years)
Battery guarantee time: 1year (lifetime: 2-3years)
Solar panel guarantee time: 5years (lifetime: around 25years, 90% output power at first 10 years, 80% output power at second 10 years)
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